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Understanding and meeting your software requirements

Your vendor-independent LIMS consulting

We are a professional team of scientists and IT experts based in the beautiful city of Mainz on the Rhine in Germany. As a highly specialized company in the field of laboratory digitalization, we focus on customer proximity, authenticity, and your individuality. We understand your requirements and can implement laboratory digitalization together with you.

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Intelligente Laborsysteme für bessere Arbeit.

Go paperless, increase efficiency, reduce costs, save time

Why laboratory digitalization?

There are many good reasons to digitize the processes in your laboratory. The linchpin of laboratory digitalization is the software that manages the data with which the staff works and to which the laboratory equipment is connected. In most cases, this requires a LIMS - Laboratory Information Management System. However, other systems, such as an ELN - Electronic Lab Notebook - may also be required or helpful for your digitization strategy, either modularly or stand-alone.

Why LIMS consulting?

Challenges in laboratory digitalization

In addition to the individual reasons for digitalization, every company has its own laboratory processes and, therefore, a wide variety of requirements for its IT solutions. Selecting the right LIMS product for your specific requirements and digitalization strategy is a challenge and key to your success. On the one hand, the list of software providers is long. On the other hand, the acquisition and implementation of the software are associated with high effort and non-negligible costs. The comparison of providers and the "IT-compatible" gathering of your individual requirements for the laboratory software takes time and requires a lot of know-how.

Digitalisierung der Laborsysteme durch LIMS
LIMS-Beratung für Labore

What we offer you

Our custom-tailored LIMS consulting

We, as the ApiThinking GmbH, support you as a competent, authentic, and highly specialized IT consulting company in the challenging LIMS selection process to choose the right LIMS software for your individual laboratory system requirements. Our approach is vendor-neutral and relies on custom-tailored 360° analysis. Our LIMS consulting saves you time, and you can be sure to receive a software solution that is optimal for your needs and for optimizing your laboratory processes.

Our approach for selecting your LIMS:


Define clear goals and a project roadmap

The first step deals with defining your goals, non-goals, and a timeline for your digitization strategy. This phase is essential for the project's success, creates clarity, and also serves to select suitable team members.


Requirements workshop and create a requirements catalog

This is followed by a requirements workshop at your site consisting of the management, laboratory management, and SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) with one of our senior consultants with intensive team building. From experience, at least two days are preferable. The result is a requirements catalog.


RFI/RFP to manufacturers and quantitative analysis of responses

Your requirements catalog is then sent to LIMS vendors with a request to conduct a Request for Information (RFI)/RFP (Request for Proposal) process. The results are measured quantitatively - as rationally as possible - and discussed with you. The result is a shortlist of vendors that best meet your requirements.


DEMO Phase

The intensive demo phase is also essential. Demo appointments are arranged with the pre-selection of manufacturers. A minimum of three hours per demo has been proven in practice as well as a demo script for better comparability. Under certain circumstances, "follow-up demos" with further details and questions are helpful. As a result, you and your team will have clear impressions of the vendor teams and LIMS products.


Proof-of-concept with two vendors

Now two vendors are identified that best meet your requirements - from the RFI/RFP process and with the help of your impressions from the demos. Depending on the budget and your personnel resources, two proofs-of-concept (POC) are now carried out, during which you use the systems yourself and gain experience.

Icon goal

Create a detailed study for the LIMS project

Now a manufacturer and a product are identified. You enter a partnership with this manufacturer and set the basis for the subsequent implementation project.

We help you and are happy to accompany you even after a successful LIMS evaluation!

Why us?

Experts in laboratory digitalization

We have numerous years of experience in laboratory digitalization and LIMS evaluation. We offer you custom-tailored consulting services following a holistic approach. As natural scientists, we speak your language and form the interface to information technology (IT) simultaneously.

We have a well-established network with LIMS manufacturers and know our way around the LIMS market. Our mission is to work with you to evaluate your laboratory IT requirements and find the right LIMS software to improve your daily laboratory routine.

We also stay by your side during the implementation and validation process of the software and ensure that your laboratory digitalization becomes a success story!

Digitalisierung der Laborsysteme durch LIMS



What LIMS systems are available?

There are numerous LIMS systems (or more correct LIM systems) available in the market, each offering different features and specializations. At ApiThinking, we provide vendor-neutral consultation to help you find the LIMS system best suited to your specific laboratory requirements.

What should a LIMS be capable of?

A LIMS should be capable of optimizing laboratory processes, efficiently managing data, monitoring quality, and ensuring compliance with standards such as FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and EU GMP Annex 11. The exact requirements can vary depending on the laboratory and industry. During our consultation, we work with you to develop a detailed list of requirements to find the right LIMS for your needs.

How does a LIMS work?

A LIMS digitizes and automates the entire lifecycle of a sample in the lab, from registration to reporting. It consists of modules that cover specific laboratory functions such as sample management, quality control, and equipment integration. These modules work seamlessly together to optimize data processing and management. A modern LIMS integrates with laboratory equipment, ensures data integrity, and ensures compliance with standards like GxP. In conclusion: A LIMS acts almost like an additional team member, significantly easing not only the lab work but also the documentation effort.

How much does a LIMS cost?

The cost of a LIMS can vary based on its range of functions, the number of users, implementation efforts, and other factors. It's essential to consider not just the acquisition costs but also the long-term operational and maintenance costs. We'd be happy to advise you on cost aspects as part of our LIMS consultation.

What is an LES system?

An LES, or Laboratory Execution System, is an application designed to systematically support and document laboratory activities according to predefined work instructions. It assists laboratories in documenting crucial steps in executing methods at the very moment they are carried out. This ensures that Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are followed, and tasks are performed in a compliant and controlled manner. Essentially, an LES helps laboratory analysts in the correct and standardized execution of laboratory test methods.

What's the difference between an LIS and a LIMS?

Both an LIS (Laboratory Information System) and a LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) are software platforms designed for managing laboratory data. The primary distinction lies in their scope and functionality:

  • LIS (Laboratory Information System): An LIS is patient-oriented and is primarily used in medical laboratories where patient data is required. It serves to report patient test results to physicians. An LIS complies with the standards and requirements of HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) and is utilized in hospital clinics and commercial reference labs. It assists doctors in ordering tests and tracking results.
  • LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System): A LIMS is sample-oriented and is employed in research and production labs, especially in pharmaceutical, chemical, and food processing industries. It serves to report data for batches of samples and to integrate data with physical instruments. LIMS is used to meet requirements from organizations like the FDA, ISO, and GMP.
What do ELN, SDMS, MES, and ERP mean?
  • ELN (Electronic Lab Notebook): An electronic notebook that replaces traditional paper-based lab notebooks. It's used to record data, observations, and results from scientific experiments.
  • SDMS (Scientific Data ManagementSystem): A system for capturing, managing, and storing scientific data andinformation. It can also be used for integrating and managing data fromdifferent sources.
  • MES (Manufacturing Execution System): A system for controlling and monitoring production processes in real-time. It connects, monitors, and controls complex manufacturing and production processes.
  • ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning): An integrated management system for business processes that operates in real-time. It integrates various business functions like finance, human resources, and production into a single system.
"I've repeatedly utilized ApiThinking's IT-Consulting services during my tenure at a global pharmaceutical company and have always been extremely satisfied! ... The high standard of their work and cost-effective implementation clearly sets ApiThinking apart from the often-used offshore outsourcing. Thank you!"
Alexander I.
"We appreciate the friendly working atmosphere as a client. We've had the opportunity to experience the company's strengths in areas like requirement management, project support, and documentation. Collaborations have been both on-site and online."
Aron Z.
"Like my predecessor, I too work in the pharmaceutical industry and have collaborated with ApiThinking on several global projects. Their meticulous and detailed immersion into the subject matter ensured that the compilation of requirement specifications was top-notch. Transparent communication, outstanding expertise, and the ability to compare with other (larger) providers are worth mentioning. We will gladly turn to Mr. Axinte and his team again."
Andreas Z.


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